FundRazr launches at TechCrunch 50 DemoPit with PayPal X

Vancouver’s ConnectionPoint Systems launched its FundRazr Facebook app today at TechCrunch 50’s Demo Pit. FundRazr allows Facebook users to easily collect money and manage members and is fully integrated with the Adaptive Payments API from PayPal X.

FundRazr is designed for any individual, organiser or volunteer who has to collect money on behalf of a social group, sports team, school club, charity, campaign or more. It provides fast and effective pain relief from headaches caused by tireless fundraising and fee collection. FundRazr eliminates the need for handling cash, checks and IOUs by allowing for easy collection of fees and donation payments through the application.

“We’re thrilled that Fundrazr’s fantastic new Facebook app is now available to the public,” said Naveed Anwar, senior director of PayPal’s Developer Network. “It’s a great example of the type of innovation that’s possible when building on our beta APIs and we hope to see more great developer ideas come to life when the APIs come out of beta at Innovate 2009 this November 3rd.”

Congrats to the folks at FundRazr! Launching at the TC50 Demo Pit and participating in PayPal X’s closed beta program are two huge opportunities and they should be able to capitalize again in November with the official launch of PayPal X at the PayPal X Innovate Conference in San Francisco.

ConnectionPoint Systems was founded in 2008 and FundRazr is their flagship product.