Fundrazr Parodies Kickstarter’s Launch into Canada

Earlier this month we reported that Kickstarter was coming to Canada in September.

Now Vancouver’s FundRazr has launched a clever parody of Kickstarter’s “coming to Canada” splash page, going so far as to offer the crowdfunding platform a few tips on how to market to Canadians. The mini-campaign humourously compares Kickstarter to FundRazr’s new crowdfunding platform.

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Here’s a sample of FundRazr’s tips. This is number six: “Life’s short. Chill out.”

60 day forced campaign deadlines feels kind of rigid. Heck, the NHL Playoffs last longer than 60 days. Sometimes we’re even snow-free for longer than that. Since we’re laid back, we may not want to set a funding goal either. Harsh rules are for hosers, eh?

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FundRazr’s crowdfunding-as-a-service-technology will give customers the ability to run a fully functional crowdfunding service on their own branded site rather on aggregation sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. “We think the primary focus should be on the customer brand and the funding they are enabling,” explains FundRazr CEO Daryl Hatton. “We’ve introduced a lightning-fast SaaS solution to plug, play and fund for brands with massive online customer bases in need of personal or project funding.”