FundRazr rides PayPal app on to iPhones worldwide

While PayPal has offered a free iPhone app since the App Store launched in mid-2008, it wasn’t until they added the ability to ‘Bump to Send Money’ that it really took off.

The revamped PayPal app featuring Bump functionality debuted in March of 2010 and within three weeks it hit one million downloads.

Its success shouldn’t come as a surprise as PayPal operates in 190 markets, and it manages more than 232 million accounts, more than 87 million of them active.

And the app does some pretty cool stuff – users can split restaurant checks, collect money for events, set reminders for recurring payments, donate to their favorite causes and manage their PayPal accounts.

Yesterday PayPal quietly added some new functionality that involves a Canadian startup. In the ‘Mobile Features’ tab on the app you’ll now find a Fundraising section that is powered by Vancouver’s FundRazr

The app contains an embedded FundRazr client that lets a user create, track and manage their FundRazr campaigns from within PayPal’s iPhone app. The PayPal app also connects to FundRazr’s platform to publish the fundraising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and by email.

FundRazr has been a PayPal partner for awhile but this is their first mobile implementation with PayPal. Impressive stuff.