Future Shop and Best Buy Have Both Opened Preorders for RIM’s BlackBerry 10

Research In Motion launches BlackBerry 10 in less than three weeks. As the release nears, preorders are becoming widespread.

All major Canadian wireless carriers—Rogers, Telus, and Bell, as well as Virgin and SaskTel—are allowing BB10 preorders. Now retailers Future Shop and Best Buy are joining in.

While both retailers show off BB10 online, the preorders can currently only be conducted in-store. Like with the telcos, customers will have to place a $50 deposit to reserve their device.

It’s difficult to predict whether RIM’s new devices will sell out, so we’re not certain that preordering is necessary. It’s also risky because no one has seen the software or the hardware in full yet. Still, it’s nice to have options.

UPDATE: We’ve also got word that Koodo, Wind Mobile, and Mobilicity will all be carrying BlackBerry 10 devices. No word on preorders, however.