Future Shop searches online for Flash Game developer

Spring is in the air, and that can mean just one thing in Canada – the Stanley Cup Playoffs. While Canucks fans are debating who’d they rather play in the first round, Vancouver-based online marketing firm October 17 Media has teamed up with Future Shop to create a flash-based game that will allow consumers to create the greatest pad they could ever dream of.

The Build your Hockey Playoff Pad contest site launched on March 27th and over 4,000 unique “playoff pads” have been built online so far. The contest encourages players to create their ideal TV room for watching playoff action and potentially win a $5,000 Sony BRAVIA home theater.

At the outset, Future Shop probably couldn’t have imagined that they would be selecting a relatively small Vancouver-based marketing shop founded by two women to create this campaign. But, as a testament to the power of SEO and web content, Future Shop actually found its team through the web when they did an online search, looking for keywords related to “flash game viral Vancouver.”

“We won the project, not because of our company size, but because our idea fit well with the campaign’s goals,” says Brenda Cadman, October 17 co-founder. “But the reason we got the opportunity in the first place was because they were able to find our website online when they were looking for a provider, which comes down to quality web content and optimization.”

Congrats to October 17’s Brenda Cadman and Tamara Brooks on landing this Future Shop business – it will look great in their portfolio. Go Canucks!