Future Shop Store in Quebec Closes After Fire Breaks Out [Video]

A small, accidental fire broke out at a Future Shop store in Beauport, Quebec over the weeked. Total damages have been estimated as “less than $500,000.”

Fortunately, the fire occurred late at night. With the store closed and no employees working inside, no injuries were reported. Future Shop says that the store will “return to business-as-usual in one to two weeks.”

All employees affected by the temporary store closure will be compensated for any lost hours they might incur.

All Customers who may have ordered in-store product pick-up’s that were affected will be able to arrange pick up at a more convenient date soon or potentially another location nearby. 

As a gesture of appreciation to the efforts of the Beauport Emergency Response Teams, Future Shop will be making a generous donation to the local office of the Quebec Firefighters Foundation for Major Burn Victims.

Nearby Future Shop stores include the one at Galeries de la Capitale and the one at Place Laurier, both of which are open Monday to Friday until 9pm and Saturday to Sunday until 5pm local time.

Photo: Patrouielleurs Medias Quebec