Vancouver Startup Travels East to Speak at GameON Conference in Toronto

There are an incredible amount of opportunities for game developers right now. But with opportunities come all sorts of questions.

What are the latest techniques in designing free-to-play games? Is a crowdfunding campaign right for your project? What sources of funding are available?

The video game industry is rapidly evolving and Interactive Ontario’s GameON: Finance conference, entering its sixth year, will help creators and investors make sense of the new landscape in the business of games. Although the conference is centred on games, its focus on business models rather than content will provide valuable insight to anyone engaged in the creation or distribution of digital content.

The conference goes down January 29 and 30 at the Bram & Bluma Appel Salon in downtown Toronto. One notable speaker is Jason Bailey, the founder of Vancouver’s East Side Games and a “poster child for ADHD.” Other speakers include Cindy Au from Kickstarter and Charles Hudson from SoftTech VC.

GameON: Finance will connect game developers with potential investors and industry leaders through one-on-one meetings and networking. It will also feature keynotes, panels and intensive sessions examining business models and funding opportunities for games across a variety of platforms including mobile, online, social, tablets, consoles and interactive television. Experts will provide attendees with actionable information on how to design digital game projects to maximize revenue potential.

Check out the full schedule here or register here.