GameString helps mobile developers achieve cross-platform success

The diversification of the mobile marketplace is bringing unparalleled opprotunites to both consumers and developers these days. But, every good opportunity comes with challenges, doesn’t it? With five major manufacturers jockeying for pole position in the market (Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Windows and Nokia) and a host of also-rans nipping at their heels, freedom of choice is offering a major headache for developers — how can they make cross-platform content in a cheaper, easier, quicker way?

One solution may be lurking in Vancouver; it’s a company called GameString, a subsidiary of Aftercad. GameString is an open source software tool that allows game developers to build a game once and then deliver it to any platform while retaining a high-quality user interface and experience no matter which platform the user has. Reliability and flexibility on any web-enabled device are what GameString brings to the table, and through this, they hope to empower developers to improve their monetization of digital properties.

The company has had some successes already; the parent company, Aftercad, has worked with AT&T and Verizon to repackage CAD from proprietary file types into an XML-based formed called SVG, which is saving both companies money by allowing them to access 2D or 3D CAD data with programs already existing throughout the workforce, as opposed to solely with expensive proprietary programs.

GameString has produced a few interesting projects of their own. Anticipating a future where games are played over streaming the way Netflix enables movie-watching, the company has partnered with Dell to create a cloud-based GameString Arcade Server, which will allow users to play games over a variety of web-enabled devices. With Unity Technologies, they have developed a 3D development platform and web player. And, perhaps most interestingly, they have brought World of Warcraft to Google TV, using their Adrenalin service back in October.

“Using GameString Adrenalin, you can now play high quality game titles using the new Google TV.” said Chris Boothroyd, CEO of Aftercad, in a statement. “The Google TV is pretty cool and we thought it could also serve as a great game console for people who would want to play games they already have on the big screen right alongside all of the other great content available on the Google TV.”

For more info on GameString, check out their website here.