HTML5 Gaming Workshop Comes to Vancouver on May 26

On Sunday, May 26, an HTML5 Gaming Workshop will be held in Vancouver.

The event, presented by Vancouver Polyglot {Un}conference, Startup Weekend Vancouver and Microsoft Canada, will show attendees how they can use HTML5 to build games and interactive experiences today. Then they will be shown how they can take those HTML5 games and migrate them to Windows 8 to take advantage of monetization opportunities with 60 million potential users.

“With advances brought to us by HTML5, modern browsers and free libraries like CreateJS, we can create games and rich interactive experiences more easily than before,” event organizers say.

You do not have to have deep experience with either HTML5 or Windows 8 but a fundamental knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript will be helpful, according to Microsoft. And you will need Windows 8 and the Visual Studio Express for Windows 8 to take advantage of the hands-on time, the company says.

And if you’re part of a startup that is building software, check out the Microsoft BizSpark program to learn more about freesoftware, development tools, support, visibility and community from Microsoft.

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The event’s main speaker is Thomas Lewis, a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. Here are some of the event’s session abstracts:

Creating an HTML5 Game: Overview

“Learn about some of the great HTML5 games that are out there and how you can create your own by getting the fundamentals of how to build a game featuring a loveable, yet angry, Yeti using HTML5 technologies that work across all modern browsers.”

Creating an HTML5 Game: Components

“Learn how you can create a game about a loveable, yet angry, Yeti using HTML5 technologies that work across all modern browsers. In this session, we will discuss game mechanics such as input, entities, sprites, animation, collision, sound and best practices for performance.”

Migrating an HTML5 Game to Windows 8

“You have an HTML5 game and want to take advantage of all the greatness that the Windows 8 platform give you (like possibly making a lot of scratch). This session will show you how you can take an existing HTML5 app and migrate it to a Windows Store app.”

The workshop is free, but attendees are asked to donate $10 to local charity. Learn more or register online here.