GateHouse Media enters the mobile space thanks to Toronto’s Spreed Inc.

The 86 American newspapers owned by GateHouse Media will be going mobile thanks to a Canadian company.

Spreed Inc., a Toronto company whose mobile publishing platform offers unique advertising and demographic targeting features thanks to a cognitive psychological approach to presenting information, will be launching community-focused smartphone and iPad applications in GateHouse’s local markets.

The cross-platform apps will allow readers to better access news, offer opportunities for advertisers to connect with those readers, and ultimately generate new revenue streams for GateHouse. What is particularly exciting about Spreed’s platform is that it allows advertisers to only reach the readers they are looking for, so that they can display their message to the right user, at the right time, in the right place.

“We are beginning to see a large group of newspaper publishers in North America embrace mobile platforms as a new, innovative and profitable distribution channel,” said Spreed CEO Anthony Novac, in a press release. “Spreed Mobile channels cut distribution costs significantly and also provide the opportunity to create a completely new and untapped revenue source for newspaper organizations. We are excited to be working with a group as innovative and far-reaching as GateHouse Media.”

While Spreed is producing all of these mobile apps, and each newspaper will have the same look and feel, the individual papers will contain unique branding, stories, images and community events. As well, Spreed’s analytics suite can be used to gauge the successes of these mobile campaigns, allowing GateHouse to constantly evaluate their products.

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