Gender Equality Improving ‘Significantly’ Among Canada’s Startup Ecosystems

So how is gender equality faring among the world’s hottest startup ecosystems?

In absolute terms, not well. In relative terms, though, things are looking up.

Startup Compass has released its second report tracking the world’s top startup ecosystems. The index is produced by ranking ecosystems along five major components: Performance, Funding, Talent, Market Reach, and Startup Experience. While not a major component od the actual rankings, the accompanying report touches on gender equality.

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The report notes that a lack of gender equality “is common across all startup ecosystems,” adding that “no ecosystem comes close to an equal share of male and female founders.” (It’s worth noting that psychologists and sociologists continue to debate whether 50/50 is the target to strive for.)

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Still, some good news: overall, “the trend for female entrepreneurs is significantly up.” According to the report, the number of female founders in the global startup ecosystem has grown by 80% over the last three years.In 2012, 10% of startups had a female founder, as compared to the 18% global average among the top 20 in 2015, the report states.

And recently, Canada tied for second place in a released ranking of global business environments for women, behind only the US. The research, conducted by Ruta Aidis, a fellow at George Mason University, focused on five categories: general business environment, accessibility of resources, women’s rights and the prevalence of women in leadership roles, potential for high-growth female-owned businesses, and the entrepreneurship pipeline.