Georges St-Pierre puts mobile space into submission

Canadian UFC fans can’t get enough of Montreal’s Georges St-Pierre. Now GSP has taken his influence and sway with Canadian MMA fans into the mobile space, releasing an app for Android, BlackBerry and iOS.

The app, designed by Kombat Mobile, has three features: a game, a way to contact GSP via Twitter and a guide to training and nutrition the GSP way.

The game is called Strike Challenge, and using a mobile device’s accelerometer, it compares the user’s punch velocity to GSP’s. Users can share the results of their punches on social networks, and also features a trivia game with MMA questions.

The GSP Connect feature is a way for fans to instantly ask GSP questions via Twitter. Saying that “It will change the way I interact with my fans,” St-Pierre himself praised this part of the app, saying it reflected what was important to him.

The nutrition and fitness aspect features videos of GSP cooking nutritious meals and giving advice for training and fitness. As well, it features a sneak peek set of videos about GSP’s new RUSHFIT six-part fitness series.

Toronto’s Kombat Mobile is the company behind GSP’s app. Kombat states that their mission is to design apps “with the intent to transform the way clients can entertain and interact with the public.” So far, the GSP app is the first one they’ve released, although a Jay Cutler app is also in the works. I assume it will feature guides on how to mildly injure your knee and give up in the biggest moment of your life.

For more information on Kombat Mobile, click here.