GeoSocial Meetup In Toronto On November 6th

Juan Gonzalez, Vice President – Technology of PlanetEye, and Mark Evans (organizer of the Mesh Conference) are putting together the first GeoSocial meetup in Toronto this Thursday, November 6th at the Charlotte Room (near Spadina / King) at 6:30pm. From the event description:

GeoSocial wants to provide an open forum for all people developing ideas, technology and products that leverage the GeoWeb to create advanced social applications that can deliver personalized, geographically relevant content. We also want to invite people from other areas (bloggers?) to participate and discover how these technologies can fundamentally impact their own products.

This is building on the Where 2.0 conference which is held in San Francisco. Its great to see folks right here in Toronto starting to think along similar lines as surely geographically-relevant content and applications have the potential to have a significant impact on our online lives. The question is how and in what form.