Get a Job before Graduation with Fanfare’s help

fanfare jobsThere is a little less than two months remaining until the end of the semester. For students finishing their programs, this means one of two things: one, with a new job secured, there’s a sense of excitement and ambition to take on whatever the world has in store. Or two: with no job, a time of panic and scrambling to scour a job to just get by.

Know a student who’s in the latter situation? The solution is fanfare jobs.

Christopher Alleyne, CEO of fanfare jobs and I discussed why fanfare is the place to go for students to finally find jobs.

What is Fanfare? 

fanfare is an employment network designed to integrate with post-secondary schools across Canada to provide employers with centralized access to talented students.

What makes Fanfare unique compared to any other job board?

Our research shows that when searching for a job students; first use resources offered by their schools, then their personal or professional networks, and then external job boards. By integrating with schools, we provide employers with access to students directly from schools across Canada. As a result;

  • Students access a larger pool of high quality job opportunities
  • Employers expand their reach to the best talent while reducing costs
  • Schools place more students in meaningful work experience

With the job market being as difficult as it is, what are obstacles students are dealing with?

Due to the recession, students are seeing fewer job opportunities being posted and less presence from employers on campus. With tighter budgets, employers have had to reduce the number of students they hire and carefully choose where recruiting efforts are focused.

If I’m a student looking for work, what do I need to know to get started?

To get started with fanfare is simple. Visit our website at to register for an account. Once you have created your profile you are ready to begin searching for and applying to jobs. We also share job resources, tips and updates through our Facebook fan page at

Lastly, what has the impact of the Ryerson Digital Media Zone been in the development of Fanfare?

The Ryerson DMZ has supported fanfare with an entrepreneurial atmosphere filled with extremely talented people to bounce ideas off of and exposure to key business people in a variety of different industries. As a result, we have built a better product and have been able to build relationships with new customers and distributors.