Get Access to Canada’s Best Mentors Over Lunch at Canada 3.0

  • “I sold my startup to Google.”
  • “I competed on and got investment on Dragon’s Den.”
  • “My $7.49 investment turned into TIME Magazine’s #7 website.”
  • “I can tell you how to apply principals of AirBnB and CarShare to your B2B business.”

These are just a handful of themes from the 40-plus mentoring sessions at the upcoming Canada 3.0 Conference in Toronto that have opened for registration.

Event organizers plan to have a total of 65 roundtable mentoring lunches available for sign up but space will be limited as there is room for  just nine attendees at each table.

Those lucky enough to secure a spot will have the opportunity to have a frank and informative discussion with director-level or above experts in attendance. Mentors that work with some of the top accelerator programs in the country like Hyperdrive and Jolt. It would be tough to cold call these folks and book a meeting, but the Canada 3.0 Conference is making these meetings possible.

Register for the Canada 3.0 conference and sign up for these exclusive mentor lunches now.