Faking the 80-Hour Workweek to Get Ahead in Your Career

What if you could work regular hours but gain the benefits—think raises, promotions—of those 80-hour-week workaholics?

Turns out you can.

A study revealed some people, mostly men, pretend to work brutal hours every week while actually keeping a fairly sane schedule. And the research, published in Organization Science, shows that these fakers still earn high performance reviews.

These employees will be shown to be online in an email program, for example, when really they just left their computer logged in. If you want to be mad at these guys, don’t bother—they’re playing within the rules and still getting their work done. Plus, anybody can do this.

Truth is, no one needs to work 80 hours per week. As it is, people spend less than half their time performing “primary job duties” and overworking actually decreases productivity overall.

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