Get Apps Done, where companies and iPhone developers connect


This past weekend I saw a television commercial showing off an iPhone application… and it wasn’t Apple-sponsored! The ad was run by Nationwide, demonstrating how easy it is to file a claim from the-scene-of-an-accident using their iPhone app. If I had my own company and didn’t have an iPhone app already, Nationwide’s commercial would have been the tipping point – I’d be seeking out an iPhone developer today. And that’s what got me thinking… how would I find an iPhone developer?

The iPhone App Store has received serious buzz over the past year, so I was surprised to learn from Davide Di Cillo, the mastermind behind Get Apps Done, that there really aren’t many iPhone developers. It wasn’t so hard to believe, though, when Di Cillo set the math problem up for me: we know that there are approximately 40,000 programs in the App Store, but we also know that most iPhone developers have created more than one program (many developers, like Di Cillo, have 25+ programs). With those givens, we can guesstimate that there are less than 10,000 iPhone developers out there (and only a percentage of whom are for hire).

That is why Thirtynine, a south Florida design company specializing in web and mobile development, will soon be launching Get Apps Done, a tool that makes it easier for companies to find the developers who can turn their ideas into mobile applications. Yesterday, Di Cillo, who is also the founder of Thirtynine, wrote his plans and motivations for launching Get Apps Done on the site’s blog:

 Thirtynine has been involved in the development of several iPhone applications; some successful, some not so successful. But, since inception, one thing has remained constant: individuals and companies alike have contacted me needing assistance with building their iPhone applications. Realizing there wasn’t a streamlined process to connect iPhone developers with potential clients, and knowing there was a need to somehow bring these two groups together, we decided to create Get Apps Done; the place where companies and iPhone developers can connect with each other.

The service will initially focus on iPhone developers, but could quickly expand to being a project connector for Android and Blackberry, as well as the Palm and Nokia App Store challengers depending on the demand. Get Apps Done should go live next week, but companies and developers can sign up now to be notified of the official launch.

Di Cillo wisely promises a clean user experience for Get Apps Done – no profiles, no resumes. To use the service, all one needs to do is sign up as either a company (to post listings) or a developer (to search through listings). Only developers who have signed up will be able to see company names and contact information. The service will be free initially, so get in at the starting gate! The fee structure will be announced at a later date, but I expect that companies will only be charged a small fee to post their listings, and the service will remain free for developers. I also expect Get Apps Done to be an indispensable resource for the relatively small, yet fiercely growing community around mobile application development.