Get ready – The future is here at Canadian Marketing Week 2009. Part One of Many!

I’ve always appreciated the Canadian Marketing Association’s mandate to bring together innovative happenings, technological advancements and content of meaning with a Canadian flair. I find it refreshingly inspired to evaluate the digital landscape within a Canadian context. The 2nd Annual Marketing Week 2009 further solidifies this vision.

The future is here. Everywhere I turn, it’s this mantra that seems to resonate with industry experts and thought leaders alike. This year’s Marketing week promises to ask the timely question of how we best center our efforts as digital practioners using a holistic approach.

With the promise to “connect, inspire, debate and join the conversation” there are four must-attend events over two days between November 11th and 12th.  Each, unique in its nature, is focused on delivering unmatched content and scope further provoking the questions we may be hesitant to ask ourselves and others.

Pledging to bring a voice to the seasoned as well as emerging marketers in the Toronto community, Marketing week is the perfect venue to collaborate with familiar and not so familiar faces.

With speakers ranging from Facebook Canada’s Louise Clements and the always relevant David Weinberger, author and technologist, I’m anticipating two days full of thought leadership and dynamic synergies. Check back next week for part two of an overview of Canadian Marketing Week, as I take a further in depth look at the scale of content and industry leaders set to facilitate this highly anticipated event.

It’s an exciting time in digital media and as Canadians we’re most definitely on the forefront of this journey. Join me as I navigate Canadian Marketing Week 2009 and learn about the ever present innovation that’s happening everywhere we turn.