Get Ready to Type on Anything with the Canadian-made Minuum Keyboard

The keyboards on my phone and tablet take up a huge amount of space—so much so, in fact, that editing or filling out web forms is a painful process that I try to avoid all together.

Enter the Minuum Keyboard Project. Minuum’s goal is not simply to improve your mobile keyboard experience, but to alter the way we interact with our digital world.

Whirlscape, the Toronto-based team behind Minuum, have started a crowdfunding campaign, to help them bring Minuum to the masses. Partially funded by Indiegogo campaign.

Minuum is not just another keyboard; it is a flexible, linear, and simple means of communication with just about any interface you can think of. I would suggest you take a peek at this video, as the possibilities for this technology is nearly endless.

Phones and tablets? Sure. Rings, watches, and glasses—I’m interested. Walls, your arm, communication for the disabled… wow! The linearity means that simply moving back and forth on a line, with a fair amount of auto-correct, will allow for quick and simple text input.

There should be no reason that my Apple TV uses the same keyboard as my Game Genie used to. Basically, this could change everything.

UPDATE: The campaign has already exceeded its goal, raising more than $20,000 with 30 days remaining.