Get the Gist of your email tonight at Launch Party 8

If there’s one thing that becomes ever more difficult to manage in an age of social networks and Twittering, it’s maintaining your personal relationships. Multiply that by an inbox sagging under the weight of email, and you’ve got a real problem on your hands. 

But Gist, which is out of private beta and will launch tonight at Launch Party 8, takes a step back from your email and analyzes the hidden social network within your inbox to find out what’s important to you and what isn’t. 

Gist is aimed more at professionals who need to prioritize their interaction with clients and customers, not for casual email users. Once it’s analyzed your inbox, it creates profiles, insights, and actions to follow up on, as well as generating a dashboard with your top contacts, news about those contacts, pertinent attachments, links and alerts about upcoming events. 

Gist can now pull in data from Salesforce, as well as supporting, Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Gist is free for the moment, but there are plans to offer a premium version in the near future.