Get your geek on this weekend

For some, this week marks Spring Break. But here in Portland, this marks the beginning of the summer event season. And the stark realization that there are more geek events coming to town than you could ever hope to attend.

This weekend, however, is an easily digestible precursor—an appetizer, if you will—to the geeky madness that will soon overwhelm Portland. So, it might be a good opportunity for you to dip your toe in the water. Or, to carry on the analogy, to get a taste of what the summer holds.

Here’s what’s in store for those brave enough to venture out, this weekend:

  • Saturday: Startupalooza
    Startupalooza is an interactive forum for the tech startup community. The event features discussions, presentations, demonstrations and networking allowing participants to share, learn and connect in a candid, no-BS environment.