Get your nomination in for 2010 BC Angel Investor of the Year

Last year at the October Angel Forum event legendary Angel Mike Volker was awarded the inaugural BC Angel Investor of the Year award. Now it’s time to single out a Vancouver Angel for the 2010 award.

Bob Chaworth-Musters has posted the criteria for the 2010 BC Angel Investor of the year award and here it is:

  • An individual who has invested at least $100,000 of their own money in one or more companies (not their own) in last 12 months.
  • Is recognised by his/her peers as a experienced business mentor to entrepreneurs.
  • Is recognised by entrepreneurs as measurably adding value to companies
  • Promotes his/her activity so as to bring new investors to the market
  • Who has agreed to be nominated and is a resident of BC
  • Contributed to the knowledge base or profile of angel investing in BC 
  • Cannot be a previous winner

Nominations are now open and can be submitted online. The BC Angel Investor of the Year will be honoured at the 28th Angel Forum in Vancouver on October 19th.