Getting Reimbursed with FreshBooks

Toronto’s invoicing and time-tracking upstart FreshBooks upgraded to version 4.3 this morning and have added a new feature to the mix that will no doubt win over some new customers: Expense Tracking. Recycle that shoebox – users can now manage expenses inside FreshBooks using the “expenses” tab. Expenses can be assigned to a client or project which allows for easy application to invoices. Kudos to FreshBooks for continuing to build on its core financial and organizational tools. The expense tracking option will help users keep abreast of their cash flow and will come in handy for both business and personal use. Look for upgrades like this to keep FreshBooks growing at a great clip – they’re up to 300,000 new users since launching in May 2004 and sit at #4 on our Toronto Start-Up Index. And be sure to subscribe to FreshBooks’ Blog which covers entrepreneurship, teamwork, their services, the web, and anything else they find interesting.