Giant Ant Media, Clearly Contacts, Trevor Linden collab and go behind the scenes

We mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago that Clearly Contacts is celebrity-endorsed by retired NHL hockey player, Vancouver Canuck Trevor Linden.

The main ad, which can be seen on YouTube here, shows Trevor Linden (and the classic crooked nose of a true hockey player) explaining to consumers how Clearly Contacts’ e-commerce business model allows for reduced overhead and therefore enables them to sell their glasses for cheaper than optometrists. Of course, he says it in a more consumer-friendly manner. But you may notice that there aren’t any cheesy celebrity puns, or, strangest of all, that there are no in-your-face hockey references (though you might find one if you look for it). Now, everybody and their uncle will recognize Trevor Linden if they have ever lived in B.C. over the past two decades, but doesn’t it seem odd still that he isn’t highlighted as a famous Canadian hockey player? In fact, that his name isn’t even mentioned in the commercial at all?

Well, yes, it is odd, until you see what creative studio Giant Ant Media has done with the overall marketing campaign.

The creative studio has created a series of carefully crafted, staged “outtakes” that show the lighter side of both Clearly Contacts and Trevor. The outtakes, which can be seen on Giant Ant’s blog here, are filled to the brim with hockey themes, mockery and parody, and puns. They’re more or less everything that the original commercial is not—and it’s that contrast, that balance, and that diversity, which makes the three-way collaboration a roaring success.