Giant Ant Media Goes Global

The local video studio that has brought us gems like How to Shower Like a Man or Woman, Ultimate Fighting: Home Edition, and those saucy and very friendly chocolates will soon be taking their feature-making efforts across the globe.

Giant Ant Media will be heading to Tanzania this fall as a part of Urban Project:

Bongo is a 12-part web series that follows 3 Canadian filmmakers as they facilitate the creation of an album with a group of young street-based artists who aspire to make it big in the East African hip-hop scene, and are trying to create a better future for themselves.

In order to raise funds for the production, Giant Ant held a fundraiser and will host another benefit at the Anza Club on September 10th featuring the band Headwater. They are also giving all those interested the chance to “Be a Producer” by donating to their production budget.