Giving Up? RIM Pulls BlackBerry PlayBook Ads and Cancels Orders

According to various reports, RIM has started cancelling orders for its BlackBerry PlayBook in the U.S. and has even allegedly ceased advertising campaigns.

Electronista noted that “shoppers have frequently reported orders being dropped, even if the order had already been charged and was virtually ready.” Slashgear suggested that “there were so many issues with the RIM tablet that it never caught on”—observe the past tense, as though it’s already gone the way of the HP TouchPad—and that Best Buy is pulling its listings for the device, displaying only accessories. And Business Insider reports that Research in Motion is “no longer advertising the PlayBook,” pointing out that there’s “barely any demand for such a lame tablet.”

Interestingly, it was less than a week ago that Best Buy told The Globe and Mail is has no regrets about stocking the PlayBook.

RIM’s QNX-powered mobile device originally retailed for $499. It sold 500,000 in its opening quarter but that number plunged to a lowly 200,000 during the second quarter. Since then, the PlayBook has experienced dozens of significant sales, including a staggering 60% off.

UPDATE: The cancelling issue appears to be with Best Buy but it is currently unclear the true involvement of RIM and Best Buy in cancelling orders, pulling listings, and ceasing ads.

UPDATE 2: Best Buy says they’re simply sold out of PlayBooks due to their sales and product promotions and they will be restocking RIM’s tablet, according to Cnet.