Global Reporter adds video to Citizen Journalism mix

To date Vancouver has been the Canadian capital of citizen journalism with and NowPublic calling the West Coast home. But now there’s an upstart from the prairies that wants to change that and according to their research, there’s plenty to room.

According to Statistics Canada’s most recent Canadian Internet Use Survey, a full 20 percent of Canadians say they were involved in posting images, writing blogs or participating in online discussion groups using their home Internet connections. While many may not realize it, they are helping contribute to the growing phenomenon of citizen journalism – an all-inclusive form of journalism where anyone with an Internet connection can help disseminate news and information. In a sense, they are helping document history in a new and innovative way.

Winnipeg’s Global Reporter wants to take the citizen journalism trend one step further by allowing users to upload video news reports. Unlike other video-sharing sites, Global Reporter will be strictly for news networking with each video report open for discussion.

NowPublic was able to completely erase Orato’s six year headstart by being creative in their adoption of new users (some would call it user trolling). So, that begs the question – is Global Reporter considering an appeal to YouTube’s most active news videographers a potential user acquistion strategy?