Globalive CEO Antonio Lacavera’s problems and solutions in the Canadian wireless market

Antonio Lacavera, the CEO of Globalive Communications, a wireless service provider that concentrates on long distance, carrier clearinghouse solutions and high speed and mobile services, addressed a packed ballroom at the Pacific Northwest Wireless Summit, held January 19th at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Vancouver.

Lacavera, who bid in the recent wireless spectrum auction and gained the largest footprint of new entrants (at a cost of $442 million), pointed out that Canada usually lags behind the US by 3 years in terms of progress in the wireless space. In fact, Canada is near Peru in terms of wireless features and availability. He also termed the market as a “series of local duopolies,” which lowers the incentive to compete. The recent auction means there will be more competitors, which should bring us closer to the US and Japan, “where we should be in the market” Lacavera said.

Globalive also set up a “Wireless Soapbox” for wireless users to post what they saw as problems with the Canadian wireless industry, as well as to position themselves as an open, collaborative new carrier.