Go east, young man: Vancouver digital media companies show their stuff in Shanghai

Mayor Gregor Robertson may be taking heat in the local media for his $120,000 trip to China to promote green businesses in Vancouver, but local tech companies aren’t going to miss out on the opportunity to promote their business internationally just because of some bad publicity.

22 Vancouver companies make up the Vancouver Green Capital Business Mission, which will be promoting Vancouver as a viable destination for high-tech and green business investment dollars.

The Vancouver Sun’s Marke Andrews has interviewed some Vancouver digital media companies that highlight Vancouver’s representation:

“We’re looking to send service [to China], but also to partner with Chinese companies doing animation there,” said Trevor Bentley, president and partner of Vancouver animation studio Atomic Cartoons, who has lined up meetings with five Chinese companies.

“We’re seeing some fantastic properties and animation coming out of China,” Bentley said. “It’s a matter of doing our due diligence and making some connections. If we’re going to send projects there or ask someone to invest in our projects or partner with us on something, we have to meet face-to-face.”

Warren Franklin, CEO of Rainmaker Entertainment, hopes to build on momentum his company created by making a short animation for the Canadian Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo, as well as a film shown at the B.C.-Canada Pavilion during the 2010 Winter Olympics here.

“We’re hoping to leverage that [pavilion] work for some new projects and business. The opportunities in China are enormous, and there’s a lot of potential for co-productions between Canadian and Chinese companies in the animation and digital media area,” stated Franklin.

The Vancouver Green Capital Business Mission began exhibiting Wednesday, and will continue to showcase what the city has to offer until Sunday.