Goalie Launches an eVite for Sports Teams

Ian Bell of Something Simpler fame – and Techvibes’ Digital People to Watch in BC list – launched version 1.0 of his pet project RosterBot today.

RosterBot is an RSVP system for sports teams. It’s generic enough to handle hockey, soccer, ultimate, or any team-based sport but functional enough to make management of your team easier. Ian describes it as an “eVite for sports teams”.

It’s a pretty simple system: You can paste in the email addresses of all the players on your team, input dates of your upcoming games (which is even easier if it’s a recurring event) and the system does the rest to figure out who’s coming and who’s not. I got the idea when I became tired of sifting thru all the big long email threads from each of the hockey teams I play on where the team manager is trying to figure out who’ll be coming to the next game. It’s a painful, tedious task that all too quickly fills up Inboxes and Blackberries.

Ian has spared for my hockey team in net once and I can tell you first-hand that this is a guy that you don’t want missing any games.