Going for Gold with Google Earth

Last week Google shared photorealistic 3D building models of all nine venues of the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver and it’s pretty cool.

Before we could begin we needed to obtain high quality aerial imagery for the Vancouver region. The new aerial imagery, now available in Google Earth and Google Maps, is pretty amazing, and provides a close-up look at this beautiful region. We then obtained ground-based photos of all nine venues. The combined ground-based images and aerial imagery are then used to construct highly detailed photorealistic 3D building models for the venues. All the models were developed by hand using SketchUp. As you’ll see, we modeled everything from the gondolas to the spectator bleachers. We even included 3D trees to add a bit more realism. We’ll be making a few more improvements prior to the commencement of the Games, but you can begin touring this beautiful area of the world via Google Earth today.

Below is the Whistler Creek Lodge – Google Style.