Going Green for IT Companies a Trend

According to survey data released by Symantec on being green in the IT sector, there is an increase in investment and interest in green IT strategies and solutions, attributed to both cost reduction and environmental responsibility.  Jose Iglesias, vice president of Global Solutions at Symantec Corporation says there is a widespread desire for comanies to implement these strategies.

The pendulum has swung both ways and IT is now taking a balanced approach that is more integral to an organization’s ‘green’ strategy, proven by the fact that the vast majority of respondents are now responsible for the energy costs of their data center.

The study is detailed in their 2009 Green IT Report, which follows a report released a few years ago.  The key point in the study highlights the trend in the increase of implementing “green” technologies not only to primarily reduce costs, but also to help the organization’s environmental standing.  97% of respondents of the survey stated that they are at least discussing a green IT strategy now if they weren’t before.  And IT executives report a significant increase in green IT budgets with 73% expect an increase in green IT budgets within the year.  According to the study,

Replacing old equipment was the most popular strategy …with 95% of the companies reporting new energy efficient equipment as part of their strategy..this was followed by monitoring power consumption and server virtualization and server consolidation.