Going Mainstream: Edmonton Organizations on Twitter

The Wall Street Journal today boldly proclaimed that Twitter is going mainstream. There’s nothing new in the article for anyone who’s been paying attention to Twitter, and I’m fairly certain that the WSJ feels Twitter is mainstream because of its article (maybe to an extent that’s true). Here’s what the article offers as evidence:

  • The Los Angeles Fire Department uses Twitter. The problem with this? They’re an early adopter, not a mainstream user. Their first tweet appeared on March 10th, 2007.
  • Twitter.com had more than a million unique visitors from the U.S. in August 2008, up from just 282,000 in August 2007, according to research firm comScore Inc. The problem with this? No context. And where did this number (one million) come from? Does having one million visitors a month automatically mean mainstream?

All of that aside, the article does point out that businesses are starting to use Twitter. I think this is a much better sign that the service is going mainstream. Dell, Zappos.com, and Comcast are all mentioned as organizations that have large numbers of employees using Twitter.

edmontontweetup Here in Edmonton, there are a growing number of organizations using Twitter. I posted a list of official accounts today:

There are also a large number of organizations without official accounts that are represented by their owners and/or employees. I’ve created a page on the EdmontonTweetup wiki to track all of these organizations – feel free to add to it.

Don’t forget – the third EdmontonTweetup is taking place this Thursday (October 30th) at 6pm at Devlin’s on Whyte Avenue. You can find all the details here. Hope to see you there!