Goodbye Telefilm New Media Fund

Turns out Techvibes was on to something BIG one week ago when we asked What’s happening at Telefilm? According to the Globe and Mail, the Conservative government axed the $14.5 Million a year Canada New Media Fund (CNMF) on Friday before the long weekend (very sneaky). The CNMF was designed to create and distribute Canadian interactive new media both domestically and internationally.

Not a big surprise considering the digging around I did last week. My Telefilm contact wasn’t willing to answer any of my questions and said I would have to wait until an official news release from the Department of Canadian Heritage. I guess this makes it official.

The CNMF, a decade-old grant and advance program administered by Telefilm but funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage, has historically lacked stability, operating under one- and two-year sunset clauses. Back in June 2007, the Government of Canada had announced a $29-million renewal of the CNMF until the end of fiscal year 2008-09.

Hopefully, Telefilm takes this opportunity to update its programs to keep pace with emerging technologies. If would be a shame to see Canadian content take a significant hit online.