Google Ad Planner

Chris Breikss is a Techvibes Guest Contributor.

Within the past week, Google launched a new tool called Google Trends For Websites, that helps measure web site popularity, site traffic, and site demographics. Yesterday, they launched a new tool that allows advertisers to target those Web sites via an online media buying planning tool called Google Ad Planner. Both are free tools, but Google Ad Planner is still in beta and you must complete a brief application using your Google account. Arthur Freydin claims on his blog that he received approval in under 12 hours but what is often true, is that if you can show a significant spend in your Google Adwords account, you will be accepted swiftly.

Search Guru Danny Sullivan is giving the tools solid reviews while challenging some of Google’s secrecy on how it collects web site and user data. I expect that data is being pulled from Google Toolbar usage, Google Analytics Data Sharing and the related benchmarking feature, as well as tracking users when they are logged into their Gmail, Google Webmaster Tools, or other Google accounts.

As a partner in a marketing agency, I am excited about these new tools and the fact that they are helping shape and revolutionize the online media buying industry, one of the fastest growing industries in business.