Google banks on Canada long-term with launch of major Kitchener-Waterloo hub

Google is banking on Canada’s long-term business relevance with the official launch of its enormous 34,000 square-foot office, a thorough revamping of its originally puny Canadian headquarter.

The hub, perhaps now the most major one in the world outside of Google’s home base in the Valley, sits in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, not far from Research in Motion.

Quoth The Globe and Mail:

Outside the company’s global headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., few offices have proved as vital to Google as the Kitchener-Waterloo location. Initially, Google’s presence in the region was minimal – the result of the acquisition of a mobile technology company in the area. As Stuart Feldman, Google’s vice-president of engineering for the east coast put it, Google’s first office had 22 employees and 20 chairs. Today, 170 engineers work at Google’s new office, making it the largest in Canada.

The company hosted a gala to unveil its new offices. The event drew MPs, Kitchener city council, and myriad engineers.