Google Canada Offering Community Grants to Local Organizations That Support Technology

Google wants to help Canadian nonprofit organizations.

Google Canada is offering community grants for local organizations that are making a difference in helping improve access to technology, encouraging young Canadians’ interest in science and tech, or working to build a cleaner, greener world.

The software giant says that its grants support initiatives with a focus on closing the digital divide by helping ensure access to technology to underserved communities or populations; reducing our carbon footprint or carbon emissions, including by promoting alternative transportation programs; supporting digital adoption by training non-profits or small businesses to use online tools and technology; or encouraging science, technology, engineering, and math education for students.

“When evaluating proposals, we’ll consider an organization’s location and geographic impact, the measurable impact to the community, the extent to which Google’s in-kind or volunteer resources may help maximize the impact, and the organization’s track record on related programs,” says Leslie Church of Google Canada.

Interested organizations can apply for the grant here (Toronto), here (Montreal) and here (Waterloo). Applications are due April 15.