Google Canada’s Year in Review: Bacon, Bieber, and… Tennis?

Today, search engine giant Google released its Year in Review for Canadians. As most years in review go, the majority is predictable. Big events like Hurricane Sandy and the Olympics led trending searches, alongside Canadian celebrities like Justin Bieber, Drake, and Carly Rae Jepsen.

But not everything was entirely as expected. The title for most-searched Canadian Olympian seemed destined for Christine Sinclair, who made headlines for her incredible efforts during Canada’s impressive football—er, “soccer”—run. But she was, in fact, only third. Interestingly, rising tennis star Milos Raonic ranked first.

While Milos failed to earn a medal—not that we had that expectation of him—his Andy Roddick-esque serve dazzled spectators until he fell to Jo-Wifried Tsonga in a record-breaking match. So perhaps it’s not such a surprise he scored top spot after all: he’s now ranked 13th in the world (the highest among all North American players) and was just this month named Tennis Canada’s Male Player of the Year for the second year in a row.

But enough about tennis. Let’s talk about bacon. I mean food—but hey, the two are basically synonymous in Canada. Google confirms that bacon was indeed our nation’s most popular food search in 2012. Second and third went to poutine and maple syrup respectively, proving that most stereotypes are founded on truth.

In terms of jobs, the five highest trending positions were Civil Engineer, Pharmacist, Truck Driver, Veterinarian and Paralegal. Software developer made the top 10 but it looks like we’re still a long way from seeing “entrepreneur” on the list (assuming it even qualifies).

Boyband One Direction beat out Justin Bieber as the most-searched musician, but Bieber still reigns king as the most-searched Canadian musician. Predictably, Ontario’s Drake and BC’s Carly Rae Jepsen filled out the top three.

Photo: Rat Stubblebine/Reuters