Google Comic in High Demand

There’s an interesting side story to the launch of Google’s new open source Internet browser developing on and off-line. People are searching for physical copies of the online comic used to promote Google Chrome.

“Google Chrome” is one of the most popular search terms on following Chrome’s launch on 1st September. The comic was created by Scott McCloud, a leading American cartoonist famous for his science fiction series Zot!, and it effectively served as the press release for Chrome. McCloud’s work is much loved and can be collectible.

Copies of the comic were accidentally sent out early and scanned versions rapidly appeared on the Internet forcing Google to move forward the official launch. Their value would depend on the number of copies distributed by Google and condition. Demand clearly exists; four-figure prices would be possible.

Everything Google touches seems to turn to gold – including comic books. The complete comic has been scanned and is available online here.