Google Docs gets boost, but Google Chrome OS takes hit

Google Docs receives enhancementGoogle Docs

Google has announced the release of a mobile viewer for their Google Docs, compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad users.

According to Mashable, the mobile docs viewer lets users “view documents, zoom in and zoom out, navigate pages, and download the document,” all through their mobile browser. Supported files type include PDF, .ppt, and .doc. 

It’s a simple but effective update to the Doc system, rendering libraries of Google-stored documents easily accessible while on the fly. And, on account of it being fully browser-based, no download is required. That should make document viewing as painless as can be.

This release is in addition to last week’s announcement by Google, which noted the release of an update to the Google Docs viewer, letting users view Word documents in their browsers. Google Docs is becoming more and more of a necessity for the mobile business worker.

Google Chrome’s architect stolen by Facebook

We recently reported that social networking giant Facebook hired somebody out of the White House. Their next victim? Search engine titan Google.

Facebook has just hired Matt Papakipos, leader architect of the Google Chrome operating system, and VMWare VP Jocelyn Goldfein. They will be the company’s engineering team, according to a recent post by Mashable. These two talented fellas have some remarkable resumes and it’s just another step forward – or, really, a leap – for the ever-growing site.

“We’ve landed two accomplished, senior people to join the Facebook engineering team: Matthew Papakipos and Jocelyn Goldfein,” Facebook told Mashable. “Both are about as accomplished as they come and we can’t wait for them to hit the ground running as key players on the team.” Facebook has also snatched Ali Rowghani, ex-CFO of Pixar.

Now Google is without its OS captain, and meanwhile Facebook gains an edge on how to garner the slickest advantage in dominating the operating system with its social networking suave.