Google Earth depicts Vancouver buildings in 3D

Josh Lavoie of the Georgia Straight covered the newest version of Google Earth this week and anyone familar with downtown Vancouver will want to have a read and check it out online.

Now, with the latest version of Google Earth, the Google empire contains a 3-D model of my home. With a quick update, a relatively new computer, and a speedy Internet connection, users can view 1,400 buildings in downtown Vancouver.

The 3-D downtown core is part of Google’s Cities in 3D Program. With the upcoming 2010 Olympics, Google touts the addition as a good way to promote and expose the city to its users around the world.

How accurate can it be? Dave Shea of Bright Creative and Mezzoblue pulled up some of his cityscape photos of Vancouver on Flickr and duplicated the views – the resulting comparison is pretty cool.

Google Earth recently added a few hundred 3D models of buildings in Vancouver, and I got a chance to play around this afternoon. I thought I’d try and recreate a few photos I’ve taken to compare.

This is going to look laughably primitive in a few years when we have high-res textures and real time weather/lighting (well, it does already thanks to the wonky texture mapping) but being able to zoom through my city in 3D is pretty darn neat.

Photo credit: Mezzoblue on Flickr