Google Offers Online Advice in Vancouver

The February 7th luncheon at the BC Association of Integrated Marketers (BCAIM) promises to be worthwhile on a couple fronts. Google’s Proven Truths about Online Marketing will be shared by Tom Leung, Business Product Manager for Google Website Optimizer and landing page design experts WiderFunnel Marketing will be sponsoring a door prize for a Free Conversion Rate Optimization Experiment (up to a $10,000 value).

You know how this goes: Your company spends large sums driving traffic to the website (to buy online, to register for the email newsletter, to download your trial software or a white paper, to register for a webinar, etc.) but only a small percentage of this anonymous traffic actually takes the action you want them to take (i.e., “converts”).

Until recently, marketers facing this had only one option if they wanted to grow their business: spend ever increasing marketing dollars to drive *more* traffic to the website.

Leung’s session will be interactive and practical as he demos Google Website Optimizer. GWO allows marketers to run experiments on their web pages and determine which layout, offer, creative and copy combination delivers the highest number of conversions – without having to spend additional dollars driving more traffic to the site.

If you can’t attend the luncheon, Warren Frey from Techvibes will be live-blogging the event and you can enter to win WiderFunnel’s door prize online here.