Google Play Store Growing Faster but Apple App Store Generates Quadruple the Revenue

Revenue from Google’s Play Store is growing at a faster rate than the App Store, new data reveals.

But Apple’s store is still generating more than four times the total revenue from its apps than Android.

According to a new report from app analytics firm Distimo, combined daily revenue of Google Play has grown 43% in the past four months, while for the App Store that figure was 21%. But the App Store generates a staggering $15 million in average daily revenue, while the Play store earns just $3.5 million. Apple is up 51% on the year, which means Android app revenue will really have to take off if Google hopes to catch up.

Also noted in Distimo’s report is the increasing importance of the freemium app model. In-app payments now account for more than two-thirds of Apple’s total App Store revenues, up 16% from the beginning of the year.

And, interestingly, the most-downloaded apps on the two platforms are quite different. In fact, the only overlap in the top 10 is YouTube (8th on iOS and 6th on Android). Apple’s top three are Instagram, Temple Run, and Find My iPhone, while Android’s are Street View, Facebook, and Voice Search.