Google relocates KW offices to downtown Kitchener

Kitchener will play host to Google soon, as the internet behemoth relocates its offices from UWaterloo’s Research and Technology Park to downtown Kitchener’s Tannery District.

This is the second time that Google’s moved locations after first setting foot in Waterloo in 2005. At that time, they’d settled down on Dutton Drive, and later moved to UW’s booming Research and Technology Park in 2007. But it seems that even 9000 square feet of office space simply isn’t enough, necessitating a move to more freer pastures.

Sources already report that Google’s move could revitalize the locale with a supply highly-paid residents and businesses looking to cash in on their proximity to such a corporate giant. What’s more, word’s out that Communitech and Desire2Learn might also be making a move to this location over the summer.

Could this be the start of a growing trend? What are your thoughts K-W readers?