Google takes a swing at Apple, Microsoft with Chrome OS

The rumor of a Google OS has been floating around the web since Google created one of the best online application suites available, Google Apps. Many had believed Google’s answer to this was Android, until now. Late last night Google announced a brand new OS for the Netbook-generation, the Google Chrome Operating System.

Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system targeted at Netbooks. The system is extremely simple consisting of just a web browser, essentially. In the age of web apps a lot of our time is spent in the browser and our reliance on desktop-based applications has almost vanished for some. This is who the Chrome OS is made for.

Application developers will be able to develop for the operating system quite easily using available web technologies, similar to the Palm Pre’s WebOS, such as html, css and javascript. All Chrome OS applications will also be able to run in any modern web browser across any operating system.

One thing many people are worried about is the ability to do work while not connected. A lot of the day people are connected, but what about when you’re in the country, or on a plane? With technologies such as Google Gears and upcoming advancements in HTML5, almost all aspects of desktop computing will be covered. You will be able to work while offline and sync up later once you are connected.

Google Chrome OS is currently in development and the source code should be released later this year for all you developers to tinker with. The full version of the OS should be shipped sometime in the second half of next year.