Google Tried to Buy Toronto’s InteraXon: Report

Software giant Google made a move to acquire Toronto-based InteraXon but the Canadian company wasn’t interested in selling.

InteraXon, which makes the brainwave-sensing headband Muse, was approached by Google, who wanted to buy the company whole, according to “a source close to the startup speaking to TechCrunch.”

Looks like CEO Ariel Garten is sticking to her guns. She said last year she wants to build a $500 million business within the next few years. With $7.2 million raised and Canadian Startup Award finalist title, InteraXon—named one of Canada’s most dynamic and visionary tech firms of 2013—is in a stage of rapid growth and shows no signs of slowing down.



Quoth TechCrunch:

Garten was approached by Google cofounder Sergey Brin, longtime champion of the Google Glass wearable headset, according to our source, with an offer to discuss Google’s interest in the company. The tech could fit into Google’s plans in a number of ways. Most immediately, it would offer Glass an alternate input method that wouldn’t require users to employ their hands or voice at all. Of course, it also has ramifications in terms of its potential for collecting and aggregating data from a new source. Brainwaves are a newly emerging biometric information category, and one that has immense potential in terms of what benefits it could yield to a data-centric company like Google.

For now, Google will have to forge on ahead without Muse’s brainwave-sensing capabilities. But for InteraXon, it’s nice to know you’re wanted.

UPDATE: InteraXon informed us via Twitter this rumour is not true.