Google’s Chrome Officially Coming to Apple’s iPad and iPhone

Safari’s five-year monopolistic reign over iOS is about to come to an end.

The world’s most popular web browser with 310 million users, Google’s Chrome is slated to release iPhone and iPad editions. The announcement was made today at Google’s I/O developer conference in San Fransisco.

Safari was launched in 2003 and was made the default (and really only feasible) web browser for the iPhone when it launched in 2007 and again for the iPad when it launched in 2010. Google released Chrome in 2008, which overtook Microsoft’s dinosaur Internet Explorer just last month as the world’s most popular, according to analytics company StatCounter.

While Chrome may be added to iOS, another popular Google product, Maps, will be given a backseat in Apple’s mobile platform. Apple intends to use its own mapping technology in iOS 6.