Google’s free websites and .ca domains program is a hit across Canada

GYBO logoOn March 29th, Google launched a program offering free websites with .ca domains, and free advice for businesses across Canada. The program was met with a lot of excitement as over 1,000 people attended launch parties in Toronto and Montreal. Google has shared some positive numbers that demonstrate that the enthusiasm for their program is translating into free websites for Canadian businesses:

In the first week following the launch, Canadian small business owners registered 2,300 free .ca domains and created 1,520 free websites. Here are some examples:

There are still more than 1 million small businesses in Canada without a website. Canadian small businesses and entrepreneurs have achieved overall sales growth of up to 30% year over year when actively using the Internet. Google wants to help by removing the main barrier for small businesses to get online – cost and a lack of skills. Canadian businesses can now take advantage of new opportunities online to help them generate sales and reach new customers.

There are also opportunities to join the 120 organizations who have already signed-up to be official supporters of the GYBO initiative and spread the word.

To learn more about the Canada Get Your Business Online program, go to (English) or (French).