Google’s new Canadian digs

CTV’s Kris Abel was among the first to tour Google’s first official Canadian headquarters last week during their open house and was impressed with their eco-friendly, playful workspace. Google’s new offices overlook the Dundas-Yonge Square in Toronto’s downtown district. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to work for Google, Abel’s piece and photos are worth checking out.

Each area of the building is featured after a different region of the country. The back of the office is “Atlantic Canada” where one of the board rooms is structured into a light house and another has been given the name of “Peggy’s Cove”.

The board room in the middle of the office features some of the architectural accents of houses in Quebec including two of the phone booths which have been accented with cornices and stucco as you would see on old style Montreal houses. The middle of the offices, where the cafeteria is located is the “Stampede”, because people typically run to get to the food and some of the design touches were inspired by the Calgary stampede. The large board room in the middle is called “Lake Louise” and includes a large mural of Lake Louise, while the Media Room has the Inukshuk from the Western Tundra, and the shower room is of course called Niagara Falls.

Google’s new suite of offices represent more than just another branch of the search engine giant. They also mark the completion of a research project, this time into the creation of an innovative workspace that balances the philosophies of being environmentally-responsible with the creation of a relaxed working environment that is distinctly Canadian in its feel. Well done Google.