Got Milk? Then you need to know where it is.

Apparently oil & gas aren’t the only valuable commodities on the minds of the software developers in Northern Alberta. Edmonton’s Safefreight Technology announced today that the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) has chosen to implement their SmartFleet GPS trailer tracking system on an initial 100 trailers in the DFA fleet that deliver bulk milk product across five states in the southwestern U.S.

“We estimate that SmartFleet will help us save $750,000 a year in transportation related costs through better utilization of assets,” said Jim Lee, General Manager of DFA’s Southwest Area Council.

“We chose SmartFleet for its ease of implementation and broad range of functionality. It provides us with the visibility we need, through tracking and reports, to measurably improve the delivery of our dairy products,” commented Lee. “SmartFleet also provides us with the tools we need to strengthen security and reduce our carbon footprint – two important benefits that enhance our role as stewards of the food supply chain.”

With the Safefreight’s SmartFleet fleet management system, the DFA has the ability to monitor their trailers in real time, detect and recover stolen trailers and identify when and where a trailer was dropped and unloaded. SmartFleet offers peace of mind that dairy products are being monitored and tracked at all times. This helps to reduce threats to the food chain and theft or misuse of trailers through the monitoring of unscheduled movement.